I'm a lover of food and of course I love to cook! 

Pampered Chef allows me to share this love with all of you! 

My Story

Who doesn't love a nice meal with family or friends? Even though I'm tripping over the dog or asking our daughter to stop eating the ingredients most evenings, It has become my favourite time of the day. Through all of the chaos we are chatting, laughing and creating memories together and enjoying some pretty tasty meals as well.

Things were not always this fun though! When I worked a corporate job, the dash from work to daycare pickup to home and getting dinner on was a time I dreaded! We became accustomed to delivery and quick meals without much thought put into them. After making some major changes throughout 2020 I was able to step back and refocus my priorities. Eventually this lead me to Pampered Chef. 

I joined as a consultant mostly because I wanted to earn an Air Fryer at 50% off and figured if I could sell a few items to get a bit of cash back then it would be worth it. I was mind blown!!! In my first seven days as a consultant I had reached three of the 90 day fast track goals and by my third week I was gearing up to crush another step.

I am so glad and proud to be an independent consultant for Pampered Chef and even more proud when I get to share with you and your friends! 


Suzanne Xx 

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”
― Julia Child

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