A day without oils? 


Just Kidding!

I have

no Idea!

  • Inspire a positive emotional state

  • Enhance Your Physical Wellness

  • Enhance Spiritual Awareness

  • Purify Your Home

  • Refine Your Beauty Routine

Starting out with Essential oils can be so overwhelming at first. You know that they're good and you want to use them but your life is busy and knowing where to start can be tough!

When I first got started with essential oils I had NO idea what to do with them! I knew that there were benefits but what oil should I choose to help my 2 year old sleep, or how do I use them to help me calm down when I'm stressed?


The first night I had about a dozen bottles of oil spread out across my daughters bedroom floor while she joyfully jumped on her bed. I had the laptop on her floor and my friend on chat, the clock was against us again for getting a good nights sleep and I had a crazy day ahead of me at the office the following day.

More than 3 years later we sleep better, have more energy and the house smells AMAZING!