oola life coaching with suzanne

"Love more,  Forgive more

 Pray more,  Dream more, 

 Do more"

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to dream big and passionately pursue something you want to do… if you wish you had a friend and mentor who thinks like you and who can inspire you to achieve big goals… if you need someone who can guide you to the people, strategies and resources you’re looking for… 

The Oola Coaching Program is for you!

When you team up with me as your private Certified Oola Life Coach, we'll work weekly together to help you turn your dreams into achievable goals – then support you in pursuing those goals with enthusiasm.


Together, we'll focus on ways to reach your career ambitions, personal goals and lifestyle objectives.


As your coach I will share ideas, unlock new paths, and celebrate your wins. But most importantly, I will will hold you accountable for making progress in every area of your life.


If you took inventory of your life today, you’d discover that every circumstance, challenge, opportunity and achievement you experience fits into 7 major categories:

The 7 F's of Oola:

  • FITNESS: Everything health and wellness in your life. Primarily referring to how you use your body and what you put in your body.

  • FINANCE: All things personal finance.

  • FAMILY: Single, committed, married, divorced, children, step-children, extended family… all belong here.

  • FIELD: Your career and your profession. Stay-at-home parents and students, this includes you.

  • FAITH: Based on gratitude, humility, and an understanding of our greater purpose in the world.

  • FRIENDS: Everything social. Includes two categories: friends and acquaintances

  • FUN: Explores your personal passions in life.



We call these “The 7 F’s of Oola,” and focusing on improving in each of these areas will get you to the OolaLife faster than almost any other way. 

Oola is not about achieving an important goal in a single area. It’s not just about making more money or losing weight or meeting your soulmate. It’s also about tackling the tough stuff, cleaning up relationships, setting boundaries, and eliminating stress—all while dreaming big dreams again and putting together a plan to get the complete life you want . . . the OolaLife.

When I first completed the Oola wheel "FIELD" was my lowest scoring F out of the 7. I was working a job that was so stressful I became physically ill. I knew something had to change and fast. I needed to break free from the "Golden Handcuffs"I needed my Oola life back! 


If you are looking for a simple pathway that will open doors and get you to a place of awareness and into action, this is a sweet first step.  Click the link below to learn more details about this pathway, or to sign-up now.  Think assessment and action plan!


For those who already know they want to go more deeply into the process, have a more in-depth system of support, and cover all the bases, this pathway is the one for you.  We'll leave no stone unturned in this 10-week powerhouse program.