Changing the way I look at my Fitness

My view on fitness has always been me.

I have honestly always associated fitness with unrealistic diets that consumed peoples lives and happiness. I saw fitness as something people only did to lose weight and fit in with the stereotypical view on us as women. Diets annoyed me because I see people as beautiful beings and could never really get why they would get themselves into such a state. I wanted to eat cake and I wanted them to enjoy it with me!!

That being said I was also the "skinny girl" The one who could eat whatever she wanted without gaining a pound. With that came another side of negativity. Being accused throughout my teenage years of being anorexic or having another eating disorder.

I remember this one incident at a shop. The cashier took my cash and stared at my hands with a frown on her face, she looked up at me and told me I was so skinny it was gross....I laughed it off but it really hurt me. Maybe this played a part into how I saw the whole stigma around diets and weight. As the years went on others felt free to discuss my weight. I always brushed it off but also wondered how they would feel if I commented on their appearance with a negative twist. I would never do it though because I have never judged people by size.

My first experience with weight gain was when I was pregnant with my daughter. As many women that intense hunger needs to be taken care of. In the first 3 months I had gained 40 pounds and by the last week of pregnancy I was up about 100lbs. I still wasn't worried though. Having a baby was something that we were so emotionally (and financially) invested in. After she was born by body had a hard time bouncing back, not just the weight but the aches and pains in my back, hips, knees and feet. I went on my first ever diet and with eating healthy and light exercise and walking I lost about 40 pounds. I felt good about my weight and went back to my bad eating habits again.

Here we are 5 or so years later and I'm up to my weight after I gave birth again. Back to my first paragraph where I admit my understanding of fitness was completely misunderstood. For me it's not about the magazine look, my knees creek, my hips are always sore and I have to go to the chiropractor monthly. This past year I have been learning so much and I can say I understand fitness now (beginner level) it's not about losing weight to look good but rather keeping our bodies fit and healthy so we don't sound like popping bubble wrap when walking up the stairs, or getting out of breath doing laundry.

This is my first ever real fitness goal for 2021

- Strengthen my core

- Lose 40 pounds

- Run without pain

I have just ordered Ring Fit Adventures for my switch and I am hoping this can help me with the above and keep it fun. I am lucky to have an amazing sister in law who devotes her days to helping people be Forever Fit - she is known for her salads at family gathering so I will be hitting up her for recipes!!!

What are your thoughts on "fitness" is it weight loss, being healthy, mental health wellness or something else? I'd love to hear your story...and tips!!!